gammaRenax brings people from over 65 nations together in one corporate culture


Severin Gallo

Severin Gallo

Managing Director

Fabio Abate

Fabio Abate

Facility Services II

Alex Müller

Alex Müller

Finance and HR

David Marra

David Marra

Facility Services III

Rosita Morabito

Rosita Morabito

Facility Services I

Marco Adao

Marco Adao

Managing Director KWZ AG

Board of Directors

People, values, goals

We, in the perception by customer
by employees
by third parties

by clients

they anticipate my needs.

they give me insight.

they deserve my trust.

by employees

they guide and encourage me.

they're open with me.

I'm part of the family.

by third parties

I'll go along with their demands.

they involve me.

they appreciate my input.

Mission Statement

The corporate culture of gammaRenax is characterized by three principles.



We advise, plan the services provided from decentralized locations. We are constantly improving our services through customer-oriented innovations.



We maintain a performance-oriented partnership with our customers, suppliers and employees. Through constant availability, regular dialogues and openness, we continuously deepen mutual trust.



We recognise our employees as essential bearers of our values. Through specific selection, continuous training, goal-oriented management and fair compensation, we achieve top performance in quality, ecology, occupational safety and health maintenance; and thus achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Certified systems

Providing first-class quality services is no longer enough in the facility services industry. Equally important are occupational safety, environmental protection and energy as well as ethics. These aspects form the backbone of gammaRenax AG's certified management system.

Quality management (ISO 9001):

We meet high standards for the benefit of all stakeholders beyond the corporate duty of care. With the active participation of all stakeholders, we focus on the following aspects:
  • Ensure continuity, best practice & leadership
  • Proactivity, Suggestion & Capture Customer Viewpoint
  • Promotion of personal responsibility, self-reflection & Honesty
Target: High customer satisfaction, complaints <4.5 / 10,000 working hours

Environmental and energy management (ISO 14001 / ISO 50001):

An economical and sensible use of resources has a positive effect on the health of our staff, the wallets of our customers and the environment, as well as on energy consumption.
  • Understanding of the framework conditions & interrelationships
  • Develop efficient, technical and methodical solutions
  • Awareness raising & involvement of all stakeholders
Target: KPI improvement of 3% per year (revenue-adjusted)

Occupational Safety & Health (ISO 45001):

Occupational safety and keeping our employees healthy are indispensable components of our corporate responsibility.

  • Recognition of hazards and their relevance
  • Definition & implementation of effective working methods
  • Commitment & enforcement by superiors

Goal: Recognized in the top quarter in the industry comparison

Training (EDQUA) & Ethics (In accordance with ISO 26001 / SA 8000)

The satisfaction of our employees is just as important to us as the social responsibility of our company. Our approach to ethical issues is based on ISO 26000 (Business Responsibility).

  • Communication of own values & exchange with all stakeholders
  • Operation of a direct contact point:
  • Explaining & consistently implementing your own

Target: High employee satisfaction, fluctuation <10% / year

Company history

Focused on customer needs for decades

1968 Renax AG, a subsidiary of the former Swissair, started its building maintenance business as a cleaning company in Kloten. In 1985, Hugo Gallo founded Gamma Reinigungen AG in Zurich after having worked in the industry since 1972. His aim was already to respond individually to the wishes of the customers. This orientation and the increasing demand for cleaning services allowed Gamma Reinigungen to grow steadily.

2001 saw the merger of the two cleaning companies Gamma Reinigungen AG with Renax AG, acquired in 1994, to form gammaRenax AG. In 1997, the second generation took the helm: Severin Gallo, a graduate civil engineer ETH, became managing director of gammaRenax and expanded the market area to the whole of Switzerland. Additional services were introduced and in 2004 the subsidiary clean&soft AG was founded for hygiene services.

Today, gammaRenax, headquartered in Dübendorf, is an integrated facility services provider with 1,800 employees and 16 locations throughout Switzerland. Decades after its founding, the company's focus on customer requirements and their fulfilment still forms the basis for its continuous growth in turnover.


gammaRenax and its subsidiary companies are involved in associations

Joint commitment to the further development of industry standards, gammRenax is actively committed to this through its participation in the following associations and federations.

Corporate Membership / Board of Directors
FM Pro
Individual membership
IFMA Switzerland Chapter
Individual membership
SFB Swiss Professional Association for Operational Maintenance
Corporate membership
Corporate membership
Corporate membership
Corporate membership
SVG - Environment
Corporate membership
Interest group for the professional training of specialists in sports facilities
Corporate membership
GKS Society of Swiss Artificial Ice Rinks Corporate membership
VHF Association Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools Corporate membership
ssth Swiss Association for Thermal and Mineral Baths Corporate membership
BDS Federal Association of German Swimming Pool Masters Corporate membership
European trade associations for the detergent detergent, cosmetics and perfumery industry.
Corporate membership
CEOs 4 Climate
Corporate membership



We share our success by regularly supporting the following associations and institutions in their work:

FC Dübendorf Juniors
Special Olympics Switzerland
Theodora Foundation
Association ESF Lucerne
GCK Lions - Season 2020/2021
CEO4climate Initiative
SFB Switzerland, Swiss-Skills Bern
FCZ Benefactors' Association 50 Club
Stable Badgut Langenthal
Schwellem Football Hall Tournament F - Juniors
Donation for Yes campaign
on corporate responsibility
Association Bergwerg Käpfnach Horgen


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