Competent care around cleanliness and hygiene: professional, environmentally and material friendly interior and exterior cleaning to maintain the value of buildings.

Interior cleaning and care

  • Office, administration, production and warehouse buildings
  • Hospitals, homes, industrial and research facilities
  • Shopping centres and retail outlets
  • Leisure and sports facilities, schools and cultural institutions
  • Hotel, catering and event businesses
  • Transport and public infrastructures

Basic cleaning

  • Prime clean, coat, hydrophobize surfaces, and impregnate, oil and wax
  • Crystallize natural and artificial stone

Window and facade cleaning

  • Cleaning windows and blinds
  • Maintenance and basic cleaning, preservation and coating of facades coating
  • Remove graffiti and apply graffiti protection

Construction and final cleaning

  • Carry out removal of construction debris and cleaning of building rubble
  • Carry out final construction cleaning
  • provide ancillary building services

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