Area & Plants

Dienstleistung Areal und Pflanzen

Area & Plants

With modern equipment and a sure instinct we maintain lawns and plants, traffic areas and playgrounds - at any time of the year.

Green space maintenance

  • Maintain lawns, meadows and borders
  • Trimming hedges, shrubs and trees
  • clear
  • defoliate
  • Dispose of green waste
  • Planning and implementing garden design

Hard surface care

  • Clean driveways and access roads, house entrances and parking spaces
  • Clean and control children's playgrounds
  • Cleaning garages, underground garages and light wells

Winter service

  • Provide winter maintenance material
  • Monitor meteorological conditions
  • Take and trigger appropriate measures
  • Clearing snow and combating icy roads

Indoor greenery

  • Water, prune and fertilise plants
  • Carry out seasonal and annual maintenance
  • Detect and control pests
  • Create floral arrangements and decorations for customer areas or special occasions

Our specialists will be happy to answer your questions about our "Areal & Plants" service competently and without obligation.