Competent services in all aspects of cleanliness and hygiene: professional, environmentally responsible and resource conscious indoor and outdoor cleaning to preserve the value of your real estate property.

Indoor cleaning and care

  • Office, administrative, manufacturing and warehouse buildings
  • Hospitals, care homes, industrial and research facilities
  • Shopping centres and retail stores
  • Leisure and sports facilities, schools and cultural institutions
  • Hotels, restaurants and event facilities
  • Transportation and public facilities

Window and façade cleaning

  • Cleaning of windows and blinds
  • Routine and major cleaning of façades, application of preservative coatings
  • Removal of graffiti, application of graffiti protection

Major cleaning

  • Thorough surface cleaning, coating, impregnating, oiling and waxing
  • Crystallisation of natural and synthetic stone

Construction site and building cleaning

  • Removal of demolition debris and general cleaning of buildings
  • Final cleaning of newly finished buildings, ancillary construction services

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