Area & Plants

With modern equipment and a perfect touch, we take care of lawns & landscaping, car parks & playgrounds – all year round.

Landscaping maintenance

  • Maintenance of lawns, fields and plant beds
  • Trimming hedges, shrubs and trees
  • Clearing
  • Removing leaves
  • Disposal of cuttings
  • Planning and execution of landscaping designs

Paved surface maintenance

  • Cleaning of access drives & walks, building entrances and parking spaces
  • Cleaning and checking of playgrounds
  • Cleaning of garages, underground garages and light wells

Winter services

  • Supply of materials for winter services
  • Monitoring of weather conditions
  • Determination and initiation of appropriate actions
  • Snow clearing and eliminate icy conditions

Indoor plants

  • Watering, trimming and fertilizing of plants
  • Seasonal and annual care
  • Pest detection and treatment
  • Floral arrangements and decorations for customer areas or special events

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