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The Covid 19 situation concerns us all. It is a challenge to order balanced measures, i.e. measures that are not too low, but also not excessive. We are committed to maintaining our services in line with the current regulatory measures.

With consistent pandemic precautions, gammaRenax is well prepared to implement tailor-made solutions for the protection of all clients and employees in accordance with the situation assessments of the federal government and the cantons and in coordination with our clients.

We are pleased to provide you with the following information for download:

01.07.2020 Covid19 - How we protect ourselves

09.06.2020 Peroxide cold nebulisation
Up to now, we have offered our customers surface disinfection using DesiClean-5%. This is still recommended. However, in order to achieve a complete disinfection of all surfaces (i.e. not only furniture but also other objects, walls, ceilings, etc.) and the room air, we have evaluated an additional method and have already used it in the main building of a customer: On 14'000m2 surfaces everything was disinfected within one day!

16.03.2020 Current Announcement / CEO Talk A01.3

09.03.2020 / Pandemic Preparedness A.011