Dear Colleagues

The latest pandemic information has been distributed. Please read it carefully. Help each other so that the measures will be well implemented and everyone will remain adequately protected.

Personal protective equipment and surface disinfectants have been placed throughout the sites and distributed according to the instructions of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

We would like to thank all our employees for their continued commitment to ensure compliance with all regulations and to ensure hygiene for our clients. Your own safety always comes first!

Stay healthy and please always follow the latest federal and cantonal regulations, which can be downloaded here:

23.07.2020 Current message - vacation time - travel time

15 new countries with quarantine requirements for entry into Switzerland

More information here

01.07.2020 Covid19 - This is how we protect ourselves

This is how we protect ourselves

20.03.2020 Latest information / CEO Talk

Today the federal council have put new regulations in place. Here our reflexions about that. Thank you kindly for your very appreciated collaboration! You are important: for us and Switzerland!

Rules of conduct in the event of a pandemic

this is how we protect ourselves

Label the disinfection bottle