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Working Environment

We offer a multicultural and multifaceted working environment. 

The gammaRenax team comprises around 62 nationalities.

Our motivated staff from all areas of facility services, including building systems, landscape maintenance, building cleaning or administration, are at work around the clock to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of our clients.

Fair employment conditions and correct compensation are standard for us, as are individual personal training and unconditional compliance with all requirements regarding labour law and occupational health & safety.

Our success is based on our motivation and the sound technical knowledge of our employees.

Supporting the advancement of careers of young people is a tradition at gammaRenax. In 2016 gammaRenax was educating 8 apprentices to be commercial clerks, building cleaners and caretakers.

We look forward to your job application!

Open positions

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Mitarbeiter Finanzen mit hoher IT-Affinität 100% (m/w)

Neben Ihren Aufgaben in der Buchhaltung (Debitoren/Kreditoren) unterstützen Sie in dieser breitgefächerten Funktion auch unsere Mitarbeitenden im täglichen Umgang mit der IT. Zudem arbeiten Sie auch an der Weiterentwicklung der IT-Umgebung mit. Ihr Aufgabengebiet umfasst dabei folgende Tätigkeiten:
• Korrekte und zeitnahe Verrechnung unserer Dienstleitungen an unsere Kunden
• Bearbeitung von Lieferantenrechnung inkl. Kontierung
• Mitarbeit im Controlling
• Erfassung und Pflege von Stammdaten
• 1st Level-Support für unsere IT-Anwender im Bereich Windows und Microsoft Office
• Betreuung von Office 365
• Verwaltung und Ausgabe von PC und Laptops, Druckern und IT-Zubehör
• Schnittstelle zu unserem externen IT-Dienstleister und Mitarbeit bei IT-Projekten



Are you about to graduate from school and thinking about what you want to do afterwards?
If you are interested in being part of the gammaRenax team, we will be glad to help you start your career:


Commercial Manager

A solid foundation for the future.
3-year federally accredited commercial training in all three profiles (B, E and M).

Building Cleaner EFZ
A diversified vocation with good future perspectives.
3-year federally accredited apprenticeship with practical training.

Facility Maintenance Specialist EFZ
A multifaceted technical profession with future promise.
3-year federally accredited apprenticeship with practical training.

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